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Facebook to a teen these days is like a landline telephone to a grandparent; its novelty has worn off, but its function still serves a very distinct need to communicate with the masses. And as grandma is on Facebook more and more, teens are on Facebook less and less. Duh. My bet? Teens will be [...]

We are proud to present “Shelby’s First Mate,” a new game developed in collaboration with Direct TV. Everyone’s favorite Ax Man got his own spin-off series on History, so we created a game where players can join in on the action by helping Shelby out on his wild adventures. From target practice, to finding Shelby’s [...]

GLOW is proud to present “The Bid Apple,” an all-new 3D game for Facebook where players can bid on items to win a TV or cash prizes. Built in collaboration with Dish Network, this game lets fans bid on items all over The Big Apple and adjoining neighborhoods, just as if they were on “Storage [...]

Shelby doesn’t like leaving the swamp, so GLOW is bringing Shelby’s world to his fans. To support the new series “The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man”, GLOW is excited to work with History to bring Shelby’s world to life on Facebook & Twitter. Fans get a peek into what he’s up to when he’s not pulling logs out of the [...]

The GLOW Content lab is in full effect. To support the series premiere of USA Network’s new series “Graceland,” GLOW launched a comprehensive social media content strategy today across multiple platforms including Twitter, Facebook & Tumblr. Working with long-time client USA Network, we will be creating over 150 custom pieces of content that will introduce viewers to the new show [...]

Check out the latest and greatest tactics for social media in our guide to the State of Social for 2013. Feel free to share your input and get in touch with any questions.

TV shows are like Facebook. Take the show Duck Dynasty, for instance, which was recently announced as the top trending show for 2012 on Facebook, by Facebook: (photo: Facebook) Fans have been watching this new show (which just finished season 2) and talking about it on Facebook more than any other, and they are more tuned [...]

We are one month in to an amazing second season of Duck Dynasty on A&E.  Today kicks off a week of a complete social takeover by the Robertson’s. This is your chance to meet the family, their likes, dislikes, catchphrases, and more!

To promote their new hit series Touch, FOX sought out the help of GLOW to create a video-based social experience.  By logging in with Facebook, the user can see a version of the show’s trailer that includes some of their personal information pulled from their profile, like photos, and their birthday.  In keeping with the [...]