I am still somewhat of a new kid to the digital agency world, having recently made the leap from another kind of agency – a music booking agency.

To promote Love is a Four Letter Word, we created a game that released a new puzzle each week leading up to the album release.  For each puzzle that the user completed, they unlocked a piece of exclusive content in the form of videos or songs.  The experience lives in multiple locations and developing in [...]

For the better part of the last year I have accosted friends and family members preaching the wonders that awaits them should they sign up for the premium Rdio service. Some within Glow often wondered if I had been paid off, if I was perhaps on Rdio’s payroll.

I was in middle school when I arrived at the conclusion that the music business was ultimately where I’d want my career to begin, with the goal centered on finding my way into a major record label. My ideal job was nothing unique. This of course, was during a time (early-mid 90’s) when music sales were never higher, and the music industry was robust and healthy. Oh how things would change…