We are proud to present “Shelby’s First Mate,” a new game developed in collaboration with Direct TV. Everyone’s favorite Ax Man got his own spin-off series on History, so we created a game where players can join in on the action by helping Shelby out on his wild adventures. From target practice, to finding Shelby’s [...]

To promote Love is a Four Letter Word, we created a game that released a new puzzle each week leading up to the album release.  For each puzzle that the user completed, they unlocked a piece of exclusive content in the form of videos or songs.  The experience lives in multiple locations and developing in [...]

INSANELY ADDICTIVE ACTION PUZZLE GAME WITH A DJ SPIN, RADBALLS®, HITS THE APPLE APP STORE Players Enjoy Non-Stop Puzzle Action with a Beat-Fueled Twist to Spin and Shred Their Own Music Along with Original Soundtrack from Award-Winning Producer Neil Voss, Featuring Remixes of Hit Rockers ‘Ok Go’ and Others… New York – August 25, 2011 [...]

In August of 2010 Wired Magazine proclaimed the web to be dead. This wasn’t to suggest that the Internet was dead but merely the manner by which we engage with the web was dead, or more nicely put, evolved…