We made this game quite a bit ago (4-5 years ago) but thought it was worthy of re-posting. The game was created for the USA Network’s hit show Monk and gives you a peek into the wild world of Monk’s OCD.

About a year ago, our company decided to come up with a game that would utilize a highly stylized 3D city neighborhood as the main “menu” for the game. In a nutshell, just a couple of semitransparent 3D boxes. I figured, rather than looking into an existing Flash 3D engine, I can code it myself.

USA Network’s: White Collar – Chasing the Shadow is our most recent game release. It is an experiential game packed with live action video, puzzles, ciphers and forgeries.

Go green by playing the eco-friendly version of this classic game. It is a 2D style game (not the 3D “tower” style) where your goal is to match identical tiles and clear them from the board.

Bugs Gone Wild & Attack on Mother Earth are two throwback arcade style games that were created for USA Network and SYFY respectively.

Steady State is a combination puzzle and skill game. It requires players to create “buildings” out of various shaped game pieces in order to reach a designated height.

Geo Trail is a spatial cognition game where the objective is to navigate a block across a gridded game board in a way that it will fall through a specified hole in the game board.

Monk-shuiborhood is yet another game made for the USA Network hit series Monk. Taking a cue from past successes, we developed a game that further reflected the challenge of living with Monk’s OCD.

We created this 3D game for USA Network’s Character Arcade. The game challenges players as they try to rotate and spin random 3D objects in order to match them spatially against a 2d cutout of the object.

Alpha Fusion is neat word game that that requires players to create a chain reaction by successfully fusing adjacent letters to form words 3 letters or more long.