One way to perform a perspective correct texture map is via an actual calculation of the z-value at every pixel of the triangle to be rendered. That made me wonder if someone has implemented a simultaneous texture mapping and z-buffer in Flash using Alchemy.

Go green by playing the eco-friendly version of this classic game. It is a 2D style game (not the 3D “tower” style) where your goal is to match identical tiles and clear them from the board.

Monk-shuiborhood is yet another game made for the USA Network hit series Monk. Taking a cue from past successes, we developed a game that further reflected the challenge of living with Monk’s OCD.

Remember the hit game Plumber? It was a simple yet great game. We took a tune from that game and created Mole Mayhem.

MonkShui was created as an extension to our USA Network hit game Monk’s Mind Games. Taking a more traditional approach of representing Monk’s OCD we created a game that requires players to live by the rules set forth in Monk’s book of Shui, Monk-Shui.