One of the many benefits of working at a small agency is getting to know and interact with every single person in the company. This promotes such a great sense of togetherness and makes the working environment open, friendly and comfortable. We know and care about what’s going on in each other’s lives and have a sense of camaraderie almost by default since we all see each other and come into some kind of contact everyday.

“It takes a village to raise a child” is an expression communicating the fact that it takes many different people, with their varying views and priorities, to form the person that a child becomes. The same is true when it comes to creating a successful digital media campaign.

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CABLEFAX SELECTS MIKE MOLNAR, MANAGING PARTNER OF GLOW INTERACTIVE, AS ONE OF ELITE “SWEET 16 OF CABLE” New York – May 12, 2011 – Glow Interactive (, a leading New York-based interactive marketing, advertising and creative agency, today announced that its managing partner, Mike Molnar, has been selected by CableFAX as a recipient of the [...]

It’s no surprise that Apple has dropped the ball in creating and delivering iAds, they shouldn’t have entered the creative space in the first place.

When Apple announced that they would be exclusively creating iAds for clients, most industry insiders were skeptical. Turns out they were right, as the result has been delayed ads, delayed campaign rollouts and a slew of dissatisfied customers.

This topic is obviously trending and nothing new but the more I hear about it, the more it irks me. There has been a huge uproar over Apple’s blog post last week regarding rejecting apps with location-based advertising…