GLOW is very excited to announce that the “Find it” Youtube experience we developed for long standing client Cartoon Network’s Uncle Grandpa was named a finalist in the at the Cynopsis Kids !magination Awards in the Digital Marketing Campaign category. The Cynopsis Kids !magination Awards honor the year’s best in children’s, tween and family programming [...]

Facebook to a teen these days is like a landline telephone to a grandparent; its novelty has worn off, but its function still serves a very distinct need to communicate with the masses. And as grandma is on Facebook more and more, teens are on Facebook less and less. Duh. My bet? Teens will be [...]

There is never a lack of anticipation heading towards the Super Bowl. Will the game be a nail-biter? Will the half-time show expose something (or someone) never before seen? Will the commercials live up to the dollar figures behind them?

Growing up I was fortunate to have parents that enjoyed reading stories aloud (with voices). One of my favorites was a Sesame Street Book called “The Many Faces of Ernie“. In this particular book, Ernie orders a disguise kit and tries to hide his identity from Bert. But Bert knows that no matter how fantastic [...]

Jesse McLean will be speaking at today’s Cynopsis:Kids! Webinar on developing & distributing kids content in the digital age. Having lead the development of multiple digital campaigns for Cartoon Network including The Incredible Crew Video Battle and a Dragon Riders of Berk homepage takeover among many others, Jesse & GLOW are on the forefront of what [...]

I am still somewhat of a new kid to the digital agency world, having recently made the leap from another kind of agency – a music booking agency.

The RIAA just announced that, yes; from 2010 to 2011 people did in fact pay for streaming music subscriptions and that even services like Pandora contribute to creating revenue for the music industry. Naturally the Internet is buzzing with advocates from both sides of the issue pointing out numbers that support their cause: The pro-streaming [...]

Remember when knowing how to type was a prerequisite for a job? Ok, truth be told neither do I. These days, that would be akin to saying “come potty trained”. But I do remember typing classes as a student in elementary school. How can we forget those floppy disks?

Over the course of the past several months, we’ve witnessed one of the most entertaining, scary and mind-numbing presidential primaries of recent time. The Republican Party is either battling for its soul or we are witnessing the most brilliant performance art piece of all time.

As companies grapple with a market that is less than stable, with declining revenues and an ever-present need to maximize resources (while minimizing expenditures) there’s a reasonably simple and inexpensive solution out there: Be nice to your employees.