Candace Bushnell’s Emojination App is now available in the iTunes store! Best-selling novelist, Candace Bushnell launches the Emoji Keyboard App in collaboration with GLOW as a digital extension of her new novel, Killing Monica. Get downloading!

VEEP, there it is! View the article here:

Check out the latest and greatest tactics for social media in our guide to the State of Social for 2013. Feel free to share your input and get in touch with any questions.

Our new iOS game release is featured in Mashable. View the article here:

GLOW has paired with the world’s best-selling sports drink, Gatorade, to create the hit gamified mobile ad Home Run Derby. The HTML5 mobile ad currently running on the Viggle platform has an average time spent among hundreds of thousands of unique users exceeding 7 minutes. The addition of leader boards to the original gaming experience [...]

Non-profits don’t need to feel stuffy and boring. Non-profits do some really exciting and dynamic work, yet their portrayal has never had the reputation of being hip, young and technologically savvy – until now. Currently, I volunteer for an organization called charity: water, which happens to be a couple of blocks away from Glow’s office. [...]

Facebook’s purchase of Instagram, while shocking at a $1 billion dollar figure, should surprise no one. Facebook is fueled by content, and in the social world content is largely comprised of photographs. Instagram, with a user base of 50 million people, went right for Facebook’s Achilles heel (mobile) when it seized the mobile photo market.

For the better part of the last year I have accosted friends and family members preaching the wonders that awaits them should they sign up for the premium Rdio service. Some within Glow often wondered if I had been paid off, if I was perhaps on Rdio’s payroll.

It was recently reported that Apple iPhone users were the most loyal smartphone owners with over an 80% retention rate (in contrast to Blackberry’s 48%). This is big news and presents a long-term challenge for Windows Mobile and Google’s Android.

I was in middle school when I arrived at the conclusion that the music business was ultimately where I’d want my career to begin, with the goal centered on finding my way into a major record label. My ideal job was nothing unique. This of course, was during a time (early-mid 90’s) when music sales were never higher, and the music industry was robust and healthy. Oh how things would change…