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We worked with Cartoon Network to deliver an energetic and colorful summer-long digital campaign and complementary landing page. View the details here:

Facebook to a teen these days is like a landline telephone to a grandparent; its novelty has worn off, but its function still serves a very distinct need to communicate with the masses. And as grandma is on Facebook more and more, teens are on Facebook less and less. Duh. My bet? Teens will be [...]

Running up to the season premiere of FOX’s hit series The Following, GLOW delivered over 30 pieces of unique custom ad creative for sites including IMDb, TMZ, TV Guide, Yahoo!, Huff Po, Vevo & more in just over a week. With several iterations to deliver and a short lead time, the team worked to ensure [...]

Congrats to our very own Jesse McLean, Meagan Burns, Peter Kondratowicz and Ben Tuber, who took second place in DG MediaMind’s AdSlam yesterday. Tasked with creating a banner ad using DG MediaMind’s new #HTML 5 technology in just an hour, the team put together a winning piece and took home a brand new Leap Motion [...]

Check out the latest and greatest tactics for social media in our guide to the State of Social for 2013. Feel free to share your input and get in touch with any questions.

Incredible Video Battle is a dynamic YouTube-centric experience devised and executed by us that pits skit videos  head-to-head. Many of the videos were developed by our newly-created content lab and we couldn’t be more exited. The video battle supports Cartoon Network’s newsiest series “Incredible Crew,” which is the network’s first-ever live action show and features a [...]

GLOW has paired with the world’s best-selling sports drink, Gatorade, to create the hit gamified mobile ad Home Run Derby. The HTML5 mobile ad currently running on the Viggle platform has an average time spent among hundreds of thousands of unique users exceeding 7 minutes. The addition of leader boards to the original gaming experience [...]

A year ago, the New York Times launched a pay wall for its digital audience.  Online readers were able to access twenty articles for free; beyond that, there were required to pay for a digital subscription.  Yesterday they announced that the liberties for the online contingent of the Times have been cut in half.  Starting [...]