Jesse McLean will be speaking at today’s Cynopsis:Kids! Webinar on developing & distributing kids content in the digital age. Having lead the development of multiple digital campaigns for Cartoon Network including The Incredible Crew Video Battle and a Dragon Riders of Berk homepage takeover among many others, Jesse & GLOW are on the forefront of what [...]

Congrats to our very own Jesse McLean, Meagan Burns, Peter Kondratowicz and Ben Tuber, who took second place in DG MediaMind’s AdSlam yesterday. Tasked with creating a banner ad using DG MediaMind’s new #HTML 5 technology in just an hour, the team put together a winning piece and took home a brand new Leap Motion [...]

Get pumped for the final season of Eastbound & Down with Kenny Powers’ Hall of F*cking Fame, which will showcase Kenny’s illustrious career with 55 highlights. GLOW is excited to present the first-ever Tumblr Hall of Fame in honor of La Flama Blanca where fans can relive Kenny’s rise to infamy throughout the new season. [...]

If the title didn’t throw you off then you are likely interested in type design.

It’s common for us to use custom type in our design work here at GLOW which is great because I love typography – in all shapes and forms.

Remember when knowing how to type was a prerequisite for a job? Ok, truth be told neither do I. These days, that would be akin to saying “come potty trained”. But I do remember typing classes as a student in elementary school. How can we forget those floppy disks?

Clothing is awesome. Especially when there aren’t boundaries between a jacket the Mario Bros are wearing and one you’d wear in real life. When I was in college one of my classmates would wear a pair of mad scientist goggles…

Last night we attended the NY Gaming March Meetup at AOL Ventures to unveil the new Glow Play game, Radballs, with co-creator Neil Voss.

If I had to personify the Adobe Suite, I would say that each program is talented in it’s own way, but some are just not meant for college. Now, if Daddy Adobe and Momma Suite just had one child, maybe that child would get all the smarts and become the next President…

When I opened my monthly FontShop newsletter this morning, I swear I heard angels singing. FontShop has released over 30 of it’s most popular faces in WOFF and EOT Lite format.

One of the most annoying things in Photoshop that semi-organized users need to deal with, is the fact that “copy” is added to every duplicated layer, leaving you with a mess of “layer copy 1, layer copy 2, layer copy 3, etc. etc.” Luckily, there’s an app script for that.