Twitter announced the latest profile update, with a larger header image and redesigned look. At Glow, we tackled the latest facelift by creating a template we’re sharing with all of you. After testing various header image sizes and tinkering with layouts to work across desktop and mobile, the downloadable template takes all of that into [...]

It’s February, and the Christmas Holiday Season is long gone. No more racing to buy the latest Turboman Doll1 or spending Christmas alone defending your house from burglars2. Ah, the Holiday Season, you will be missed. BUT, before you let go just yet, take a moment to look at Glow’s 2013 Holiday Experience: Santa 2.0, [...]

If I had to personify the Adobe Suite, I would say that each program is talented in it’s own way, but some are just not meant for college. Now, if Daddy Adobe and Momma Suite just had one child, maybe that child would get all the smarts and become the next President…

When I opened my monthly FontShop newsletter this morning, I swear I heard angels singing. FontShop has released over 30 of it’s most popular faces in WOFF and EOT Lite format.

One of the most annoying things in Photoshop that semi-organized users need to deal with, is the fact that “copy” is added to every duplicated layer, leaving you with a mess of “layer copy 1, layer copy 2, layer copy 3, etc. etc.” Luckily, there’s an app script for that.