GLOW launches Chatterbox for Periscope

In the recent past, we here at GLOW built first-to-market discovery platforms for both Meerkat ( and Periscope ( as well as a unique Live Video Recorder (LVR) for Meerkat. Both of these sites provided value and solved problems in the space. Chatterbox for Periscope is another example of GLOW leading innovation.

We know, sounds cutting edge and awesome. But what exactly is Chatterbox?

In short, it is a Chrome extension that works as a companion to Periscope. It allows broadcasters and influencers to better connect with their audience via live polls and a chat archiver. One of the biggest issues with Periscope is that comments during live streams disappear too fast, making it impossible for the broadcaster to manage and keep up with the activity. Chatterbox was created for this reason and solves this problem.

If you are looking to stay ahead of your competitors and engage in this new and exciting space, let’s talk. Click here to get it!

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