Best in GLOW: Snapchat Success

GLOW brought the power of the Internet and dogs together by partnering with Snapchat to do a Live Our Story during the 139th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. This real-time collaborative video and photo story put the Westminster brand in the feeds of every Snapchat user worldwide, many of whom belong to a younger demographic than the typical Westminster attendee or viewer (79% of Snapchat users are age 13-24), and they eagerly took to Twitter to share their enjoyment with “if you aren’t watching the westminster dog show snapchat stories I’m questioning your priorities in life,” “Whoever decided to put the Westminster Dog Show on snapchat is my hero,” and “The Westminster dog show is my favorite story on snapchat right now.” Performance metrics were jaw-dropping and this strategic initiative proved overwhelming effective for building brand awareness.

Categories: News, Social Media