A Tumblr of heavenly proportions!

Discover the mysteries of the ancients with the “flock to unlock” Tumblr page and sweepstakes for Syfy’s new series Dominion.

Syfy’s latest series, Dominion, tells the story of life on Earth after an epic battle that ensued between humanity and the angels when God disappeared, chronicling the aftermath and the signs that war may not be over. Syfy turned to GLOW for creative support, which led to the creation of the “flock to unlock” Tumblr page, where users were prompted to share images from the page a certain number of times in order to unlock exclusive show content in the form of shareable images, GIFs or video clips.

Check the site out here: http://dominionsyfy.tumblr.com and be sure to catch Dominion on Syfy, Thursdays at 9|8c.

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