Santa 2.0: The Lost Santas

It’s February, and the Christmas Holiday Season is long gone. No more racing to buy the latest Turboman Doll1 or spending Christmas alone defending your house from burglars2. Ah, the Holiday Season, you will be missed. BUT, before you let go just yet, take a moment to look at Glow’s 2013 Holiday Experience: Santa 2.0, where we asked viewers to pick from a variety of wacky qualities for a new and improved Santa 2.0. Check out some of our initial Santa ideas that didn’t quite make it to the North Pole, and how we managed to come up with so many variations!

Everyone is creative even if they don’t spend their days pushing pixels, so we brought the whole company in on the Santathon brainstorm to help us come up with our wacky Santas. By harnessing the creative juices beyond just the design department, we surpassed our goal and wound up having too many Santas to pick from! It was a great problem to have.

With this project and others in the past, crowdsourcing within GLOW has been an effective way to generate ideas. Next time you have a brainstorm, communicate with your whole company, not just your team. There will be insights and winning ideas that you may have never thought of. How about Downloading our Santa Worksheet PSD and giving it a go for some team building? HINT: You can go in and change Santa to Cupid, Tooth Fairy, or something completely different.

And now the moment you’ve been reading for, some of the hilarious Santas that we couldn’t fit into the experience… The Island of Misfit Toys3 just got way more interesting:

Juggalo All the Way

Santa Paws

Santa Paws

Dr. Holidaze Klawz

Jolly St. Ancient Alien

Kris “Leave me alone, MOM!” Kringle

Second Amendment Santa

Juggalo All the Way, Part 2

St. Skrillex (with optional tape dispenser hand)

What was that Movie Reference?
1. Jingle All the Way | 2. Home Alone 1 or 2 (3 & 4 don’t count) | 3. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

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