GLOW: Super Bowl Spot Scorecard

There is never a lack of anticipation heading towards the Super Bowl. Will the game be a nail-biter? Will the half-time show expose something (or someone) never before seen? Will the commercials live up to the dollar figures behind them?

This year we found the Big Game to be generally underwhelming in all three of those areas. The game was a blowout, the halftime show was pretty good, and the commercials were predominately un-memorable.

That said, there were certainly some noteworthy and remarkable spots that took over the office conversation today. This year, we noticed a turn towards more uplifting and sentimental ads – a slight shift from more over-the-top or scandalous ads in years past.

Our Favorites of the Night:

E-Surance : “#EsuranceSave30”

This was an excellent concept and execution. They articulated a clear correlation between the brand’s values and offerings (Saving 30%) with a huge social incentive for viewers to win money, and for ESurance to secure mentions and a massive spot in the social strategy conversation. Plus, John Krasinski is pretty nice to look at.

Budweiser: “Puppy Love”

It simply doesn’t get more adorable than a puppy and a Clydesdale best friendship. Come on.

T-Mobile: “#NoContract” with Tim Tebow

This was a very clever concept, and it’s perhaps even more impressive that Tim Tebow was wiling to play ball here (get it?). Both of these spots were incredibly entertaining and offered a humorous and memorable brand association.

Hyundai: “Dad’s Sixth Sense”

We can’t help but wonder about the painful outtakes of this ad, but it was both a funny and sentimental execution that we loved.

Wonderful Pistachios: Colbert

These sandwiched spots were comical, clever and crafty. Not only did Pistachios poke fun at advertising itself, but they brilliantly integrated Stephen Colbert as a way to create something unforgettable.

Oikos: “The Spill”

Near the end of a game that was maybe not the most riveting, this ad upped the entertainment factor. Oikos went for the shock factor with a flirtatious introduction (But what about Aunt Becky?!?!) and kept it up as Bob Saget and Dave Coulier showed up to stop John Stamos’ dairy seduction.

What did you all think? Any ads you liked or didn’t like? What do you think about brands showing their ad spots in advance of the super bowl?