Test your SMASH skillz with SHOUTMON SMASH & smash your way to the top. This is the first project we’ve worked on with Digimon Fusion and parent company Saban Brands and it’s been great fun. The whack-a-mole style game promises to entertain kids of all ages. Get Digitized!

GLOW has exciting new projects on the horizon, and we need a smooth Senior Interactive Designer to help bring them to life!

Facebook to a teen these days is like a landline telephone to a grandparent; its novelty has worn off, but its function still serves a very distinct need to communicate with the masses. And as grandma is on Facebook more and more, teens are on Facebook less and less. Duh. My bet? Teens will be [...]

There is never a lack of anticipation heading towards the Super Bowl. Will the game be a nail-biter? Will the half-time show expose something (or someone) never before seen? Will the commercials live up to the dollar figures behind them?

It’s February, and the Christmas Holiday Season is long gone. No more racing to buy the latest Turboman Doll1 or spending Christmas alone defending your house from burglars2. Ah, the Holiday Season, you will be missed. BUT, before you let go just yet, take a moment to look at Glow’s 2013 Holiday Experience: Santa 2.0, [...]