GLOW Launches New Brand Identity, Dropping “Interactive” from Name to Reflect Full-Service Offering with Digital Expertise at its Core

New York, NY – Mar 27, 2013 -  Digital agency GLOW launched a new brand identity today, dropping “Interactive” from its name to reflect new full-service capabilities. Started in 1999, “Interactive” set GLOW apart from competitors indicating online advertising expertise, which the agency has since expanded to a full-service offering in response to growing industry needs.

The new identity includes an updated logo, a new URL and mission statement, highlighting what the agency does best; helping brands use the Internet smarter.

After nearly 14 years in the business, GLOW has grown beyond creating banners or websites, which were its core business and are now prominent and required pillars for any advertising strategy. Because of the expansion, and the fragmentation that comes with it, the line between interactive agencies and traditional agencies has increasingly blurred. “Traditional agencies have become digital agencies and vice-versa,” says, Peter Levin CEO and Co-Founder of GLOW.  “We are a full-service agency and felt like “interactive” was not a true reflection of our service offerings anymore.”

Over the years, the Hudson Square boutique agency has expanded its services (and grown its talent) to offering award-winning strategy, creative and production services, media creative, game and branded experience development, mobile games, interactive video production as well as branding services for a number of clients and agencies across multiple categories.

Recently GLOW expanded into the social media space with the hire of industry veteran Howie Kleinberg as President of Digital Communications. Howie’s responsible for launching and successfully building GLOW’s Social Strategy, Digital PR and Communications division. “Having Howie on board has been tremendous.  This division is a necessity for any competitive agency and Howie brings over a decade of experience and a proven track record to help us round out our full-service offerings” said GLOW Co-Founder, Ted Kacandes.

So far, the feedback has been great. (In March 2013) GLOW was selected as a finalist in the Best Social Media Small Agency category for the 2013 Shorty Industry Awards!, which underlines GLOW’s spectrum of capabilities. Recent successes include creating over 100 custom short videos for Cartoon Network, which were pitted against each other for voters to choose their favorite in anticipation of the premiere of the network’s first ever live-action sketch comedy show. GLOW helped A&E’s Duck Dynasty become the most active Facebook page for a TV show in 2012 by creating a unique app and supporting it, as well as custom content with a unique strategy to drive engagement. For the famed subway chain Jersey Mike’s Subs, GLOW developed a powerful social voice with custom creative and execution that increased engagement on the chain’s Facebook page by almost 400%.

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