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I was recently asked how agencies are structuring themselves to be more “real-time.” I’ve always said that these real-time success stories do not happen by accident. While a lot does rest on the side of the client, and we are often times in a position to effect change, I do have 100% control of what WE do to remain a powerful resource for our clients.

Client barriers abound here – internal cultural change and acceptance, marketing/brand approvals, creative approvals, copy approval, you have the mother of all – legal review and approval. You also need a client who “gets it” – has the vision to see it through. these all must be addressed client-side to clear a path for success to truly achieve a real time strategy.

With that said, there are a couple of things agencies must do to address a shift in how they structure for a shift in agency service. Vision, resources and protocol to name a few:

  1. Staggered staffing: While most of us don’t think 9-5, M-F, the reality of “real-time” is that you need the right people “on” at all times. For the right people “on” at all times deals need to be struck or adjusted so that they reflect this level of staffing and attention.
  2. Clearly define your agencies vision, role, capabilities and responsibilities: Do you want to work with your clients to educate them on creating the infrastructure to succeed? Are you developing strategies and content? Are we managing a community – and if so what are our parameters for posting? At GLOW, our Content Lab is developing strategies, and then executing/creating the actual content. Our social staff shares its expertise daily with clients to ensure they “get it”, are staffed properly, etc. so that they are built to succeed.

Success is a two-way street. It’s easy to point fingers at the client’s infrastructure, but put those hurdles aside, agencies must continue to explore and evolve in order to remain relevant.

For more on this, check out Jack Marshall’s Digiday article “Agencies Reshuffle for Real-Time.”

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