If the title didn’t throw you off then you are likely interested in type design.

It’s common for us to use custom type in our design work here at GLOW which is great because I love typography – in all shapes and forms. So, I’m making my own font! I’ll spare you the long story but it’s heavily inspired by my Dad and one of his  peculiar handwriting styles.

While designing the font I discovered a handy little tool that I found to be very helpful in creating and examining kerning pairs (you can find the link at the end of this post).

What are kerning pairs?

In short, it’s the negative space (the air or empty space) between two characters. Kerning pairs are a critical aspect of type design.

A classic example of this principle can be seen in the space between A and V in ‘AVENUE’. With poor kerning ‘AVENUE’ may read as ‘A VENUE’.  Done properly the kerning pairs will create a level of harmony between the characters which will ultimately result in more legible text.

The handy little tool…

The nifty tool is a text document with every character pair combination from AA AB AC… to ZO ZP ZQ and so forth.

It’s simple to use, just open the text document (link) and apply your newly designed font to the document text – now you can visualize the type in a way that allows you to fine tune the character pairs.

Start kerning!

For more useful info on this topic head over here.

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