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Non-profits don’t need to feel stuffy and boring.

Non-profits do some really exciting and dynamic work, yet their portrayal has never had the reputation of being hip, young and technologically savvy – until now.

Currently, I volunteer for an organization called charity: water, which happens to be a couple of blocks away from Glow’s office. Its mission is to provide clean water to those around the globe who don’t currently have access, from Cambodia to Liberia.

What’s different about charity: water is that you can feel an instant wave of excitement and inspiration. There is an aura about their organization that was hard to come by in the non-profit world a few years ago. They have been able to achieve an image of effortlessness and grace, behind such a robust network of people. What’s special about them is that they can portray the joy of giving visually, whether it’s in their website design, their promotional materials, the photography, their events, even their office design.

They emanate the same excitement and vibrancy of a modern tech startup, and introduce social good in a new light. In fact, that’s how they made their start, by seeking funding through the tech community. They are supported by big names in tech like Google, Bebo, Twitter, Foursuqare and more.

The group has done an excellent job of promoting their message to a tuned-in population who are geared towards technology and social networking, and demand crystal clear transparency. Their designs are clean, yet intricate and are developed in a way to provide a strong, clear message in a short amount of time – exactly what garners people’s attention in a fast-paced mobile world.

They understand the power of media and putting a digital face to their organization.  Some of their recent promotions include their anniversary project where they sent out personalized thank-you videos to their donors, and on World Water Day they created a platform for users to donate their birthdays to the cause and share that message across various social media platforms.

charity: water is a unique take on the business of non-profit, which was built from the ground up through the world of tech and understands that digital is for everyone.

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