In case you missed it!

We are happy to announce the addition of Sean Lynam to the GLOW team. Sean recently joined the GLOW Communications team as a Digital Strategist. He spent the past four years in the marketing department at Razor & Tie, the largest independent record label in the US, where he focused on online marketing and creative [...]

I am still somewhat of a new kid to the digital agency world, having recently made the leap from another kind of agency – a music booking agency.

Facebook’s purchase of Instagram, while shocking at a $1 billion dollar figure, should surprise no one. Facebook is fueled by content, and in the social world content is largely comprised of photographs. Instagram, with a user base of 50 million people, went right for Facebook’s Achilles heel (mobile) when it seized the mobile photo market.

The RIAA just announced that, yes; from 2010 to 2011 people did in fact pay for streaming music subscriptions and that even services like Pandora contribute to creating revenue for the music industry. Naturally the Internet is buzzing with advocates from both sides of the issue pointing out numbers that support their cause: The pro-streaming [...]