What Timeline Means For Your Brand

Cynopsis published an interesting article this morning discussing “migration vs. adoption” to Facebook’s Timeline. The distinction between the two should not be understated. Migration, undoubtedly easier than adoption, pushes a brand’s page to the new Timeline layout without a content strategy, content curation or content enhancements. Adoption, a far more involved and thoughtful approach, is where a brand curates and shapes it’s content into a story arc, accounting for its history and evolution. A question for many brands has been, do we want carry our history (good or bad) forward with us? Should the evolution of our brand be so transparent? The answer to these questions is yes.  Those that succeed will identify and execute against the how.

By engaging in the social space you’ve already committed yourself to a certain level of transparency. Intrinsic to this transparency is a level of vulnerability, thus making honesty and authenticity more important than ever.

Consumers are smart. They understand that brands evolve. They understand that most companies are in the business to make money. The new consumer appreciates and desires this honesty and authenticity. Above all else, they reject pandering.

When you consider switching to Timeline, construct your story so that individuals can see the evolution of your brand. Cadillac is an example of a heritage brand that has reshaped its image and re-targeted it’s efforts in a drastic way. At one point in history, Cadillac was the gold standard of American luxury. Yet over time the brand morphed into the preferred boat-car for the 90 year old retiree. Today, Cadillac has transformed itself into a sexy, luxurious road-beast. Seeing this evolution is both interesting and inspiring.

Many brands who’ve gone through radical changes and feel weary of embracing their former selves are encouraged to fight the urge to reject or abandon their past. Our past, whether it be a brand or person, represents who we are today. Paying homage to past iterations of your brand is a record of your growth as an organization and helps play a role in creating a connection with your consumer.

Launch Timeline, but do so thoughtfully. Consider your story arc and accurately identify marquee moments that play a role in who you are today.

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