A year ago, the New York Times launched a pay wall for its digital audience.  Online readers were able to access twenty articles for free; beyond that, there were required to pay for a digital subscription.  Yesterday they announced that the liberties for the online contingent of the Times have been cut in half.  Starting [...]

To promote their new hit series Touch, FOX sought out the help of GLOW to create a video-based social experience.  By logging in with Facebook, the user can see a version of the show’s trailer that includes some of their personal information pulled from their profile, like photos, and their birthday.  In keeping with the [...]

Remember when knowing how to type was a prerequisite for a job? Ok, truth be told neither do I. These days, that would be akin to saying “come potty trained”. But I do remember typing classes as a student in elementary school. How can we forget those floppy disks?

To promote Love is a Four Letter Word, we created a game that released a new puzzle each week leading up to the album release.  For each puzzle that the user completed, they unlocked a piece of exclusive content in the form of videos or songs.  The experience lives in multiple locations and developing in [...]

It’s no secret that many retailers had hoped the Facebook platform would deliver sales. Ultimately, retailers and Facebook want e-commerce to succeed but in order for that to happen a few things must take place first. Retail on Facebook cannot be treated like a traditional e-commerce experience. Facebook is as much a discovery platform as [...]

Cynopsis published an interesting article this morning discussing “migration vs. adoption” to Facebook’s Timeline. The distinction between the two should not be understated. Migration, undoubtedly easier than adoption, pushes a brand’s page to the new Timeline layout without a content strategy, content curation or content enhancements. Adoption, a far more…