For a few months now we have been working on a new game for the iPhone. Although the main target iOS, I have been frequently making sure that the game works correctly on the Android, too, using the Android NDK. There was only one component that was missing for a long time – cURL on [...]

From the perspective of a digital strategist, the internet has created a continuous stream of change and innovation, leading to a vast pool of tools, resources, communication platforms and distribution channels. From this vantage point almost anything is possible, and that which is not yet possible is either an opportunity to innovate or an idea waiting to flow downstream.

I recently discovered a very simple global illumination rendering technique called Path Tracing. It only takes a couple of lines of code and produces great images. When optimized, you can achieve almost real time performance, see WebGL implementation or just search YouTube for “real time path tracing”. You can check out my self-contained ActionScript 3 version put [...]

I was in middle school when I arrived at the conclusion that the music business was ultimately where I’d want my career to begin, with the goal centered on finding my way into a major record label. My ideal job was nothing unique. This of course, was during a time (early-mid 90’s) when music sales were never higher, and the music industry was robust and healthy. Oh how things would change…

Tara Lewis, an MBA graduate from Clark University in Worcester, MA with concentrations in marketing and global business has joined the GLOW Account team.

We are happy to announce the additions of Meredith Peters and Walter Schmidli to the GLOW team.