New album, great concept

Hey, I had a nice web experience. But let me ask you a few easy questions first:

Do you like music? I do. Do you download music? I do. Do you like personalizing on the Internet? I do. But can you earn money on it as well? Sure, but only if you want to.

The British band Kaiser Chiefs has made all four questions possible with the release of their new album. On you can personalize your very own Kaiser Chief album; picking 10 songs out of 20 new songs and also putting together album art work if you like.

If you like your new album you can buy it via download (7.5 Pounds about $12).

Further more you get your own page where you can present and promote your exceptional Kaiser Chief taste. That means your selling YOUR Kaiser Chief album. Your investment is your time, taste, and the entertainment you had. You earn 1 Pound for each sold album – but only if your going to promote it of course.

Honestly I’m not a big Kaiser Chief fan, I neither turn the radio up or off if they are playing.

What I’m stoked about is the way they are releasing their new album (maybe I should say double album). Getting the opportunity to piece together an album with brand new songs and customizing the album art, must be very special for every Kaiser Chief fan.

The concept is simple and experience-based. Listen to 20 new songs and pick 10 songs. Create the album cover if you like, and buy your own creation. Push it through your social network and earn the small amount of money you’ve spent.

The earning-money-part of the concept is secondary in my opinion, but hats of for using social media and peoples’ own network to push their very own album – and pushing the awareness of the band and their presence.

Great concept and nice execution. I like it.



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