Is it Duke Nukem… or Fashion Week?

Clothing is awesome.  Especially when there aren’t boundaries between a jacket the Mario Bros are wearing and one you’d wear in real life.  When I was in college one of my classmates would wear a pair of mad scientist goggles.  It looked like you’d find her in a steam punk style video game, not a poetry and art class.  This often makes me think, are our clothes made of thread… Or from pixels?  If you don’t know the difference then you’re already the virtual fashion-head fit for the future!

Why do I bring this to your attention?  I design for online games.  And I love fashion.  And recently I was watching a friend play a video game the other day and it dawned on me:  Cross-pollination of fashions appears quite prevalent between the Dead Space 2 console game and the recent clothing line designs by French clothing designer Thierry Mugler.  It’s so apparent, that you wouldn’t be able to notice which clothes are in the netherworld or on the runway.

Isaac, Dead Space 2 character, and his wonderful mutant monster enemies are compelling.  Isaac’s getup falls in a world of gothicism and unpolished tech.  He wears a coat of blood and gore just like we wear a raincoat.  Isaac is really tall, about 6.5 feet. It looks like he’s always about to start a brawl.  He glows and his body is covered head to toe with metal armor.  You see a lot of similar people on the street but they’re wearing metallic stud encrusted shoes and jackets from department stores and Soho boutiques.  It’s their own type of armor.

Mugler’s Fall 2011 collection operated around the theme of black latex, savages, and skeletons; which is similar to the spawn of Dead Space 2.  Mugler’s models were also covered head to toe in tattoos just like Isaac is covered in gore, it’s like they could be friends.  It seems they spent their life savings at the tattoo parlor to get ready for this show.  It’s so real it’s sinister and chilling.

Duke Nuk'em or Fashion Week?

Another designer that seems to cross-pollinate fashion with video games is Swedish designer Patrik Soderstam. Soderstam likes to color with clothing and crosses style with Nintendo Wii games like Wario Smooth Moves and Wii’s Mii characters.  Combining Wii and Soderstam is like reincarnating those inflatable beach toys from the 99-cent store into todays fashions!

Duke Nuk'em or Fashion Week?

What can all this lead to?  Will people start dressing like video game characters instead of movie stars?  Maybe our bodies will gradually evolve into pixels, who knows!  Our virtual world allows for a network between clothing and video games.  With this hybrid set in stone today, I do believe that the future will bring a lot more fun fashions for both video games… and ourselves.

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