Radballs Revealed to Rave Reviews

Last night we attended the NY Gaming March Meetup at AOL Ventures to unveil the new Glow Play iOS game, Radballs, with co-creator Neil Voss.  We were excited to be a part of the event and to showcase our game to the public for the first time amid such a great group of industry people.

The other presenters were all excellent, and we really enjoyed hearing about some of the games and platforms that will be coming to market in the near future.  But I will freely admit that we were really amped to showcase Radballs.  As Neil, Jan and Andy took to the podium to begin the presentation, I heard Neil start to explain the inspiration for our music-driven action puzzle game and I observed the audience.  When Andy started playing the game I watched as the onlookers started bobbing their heads along with the music, smiling and remarking to one another.  The game looked and sounded amazing, and we weren’t the only ones who noticed.

When the Q&A portion began, there were a number of compliments paid to the game, people interested in talking with the developers afterwards and excitement about a unique and fun game being released for iOS.  The promotional buttons we handed out were also a big hit, with some people even coming back to make sure they collected all of the Radballs.  However, our favorite moment of the night came when an audience member asked if players were limited to the songs that came with the game.  When Neil informed her that players are able to import music from their iTunes library, she followed up by asking if imported music can really be affected by the game play and scratched by the player.  Neil assured her that this was the case, to which she replied, “That’s awesome.”

Actually, it’s Rad.

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