Photoshop Variables: The Equivalent to Indesign’s Linked Objects

If I had to personify the Adobe Suite, I would say that each program is talented in it’s own way, but some are just not meant for college. Now, if Daddy Adobe and Momma Suite just had one child, maybe that child would get all the smarts and become the next President. Alas, that didn’t happen, and we are left wondering why we can’t just take the features we really love from each program and sew them together into our own little mutant Adobe Frankenshop. Ah, what a perfect world that would be.

I know I don’t speak alone when I say I would love to see Indesign’s link panel implemented into Photoshop. The ability to import external linked images into Indesign has been one of the most useful features I’ve come across and is poorly lacking in Photoshop’s smart objects. Although powerful, we would still have to open 20+ files just to change the color of a header from red to blue.

BUT WAIT! No need to zap your little Frankenshop to life yet. Check out these following tutorials on Photoshop Variables: the poorly named equivalent to Indesign Links! Although Variables are a bit more complicated, it sure beats suffering the consequences when your mutant program becomes self-aware. Eeek!

All you need to know about linking out to an external .psd.

Check out these tutorials about using excel spreadsheets in conjunction with variables.