Glow Interactive Turns Google Suggest Technology Into iPhone Game

Leading Interactive Marketing and Creative Agency Launches ‘That’s So Query,’ a Mobile Game that Turns Online Searches into a Trivia Game for All Ages

NEW YORK, June 22 /PRNewswire/ — Glow Interactive (, a leading New York-based interactive marketing, advertising and creative agency, today announced “just in time for summer travel and family road trips” the availability of That’s So Query. That’s So Query is the first mobile game available at Apple’s App Store ( that utilizes Google Suggest technology to turn completing the most popular Internet searches into a trivia-meets-Family-Feud-style game. The game is now available for$.99 per download.

“Our core business is developing rich media, advertising and creative experiences for major brands, but we’re branching out and developing our own intellectual property to add to our service offerings,” said Peter Levin, CEO and Co-Founder, Glow Interactive. “We’re an agency that believes in testing our own creative skills and tech-savvy. That’s So Query is a perfect blend of the Glow team’s creative-savvy, fun spirit and passion for playing with technology, not to mention an interesting social study.”

The game is based on Internet users entering text into a Google Search bar and having the Google Suggest technology pre-populate suggested terms or phrases based on Internet popularity in a drop down menu. The searcher can then choose from the most popular searches or complete their own unique typed search. Glow has taken this concept and incorporated it into That’s So Query more than 1,000 times over, providing hours of game play and fun.

The game is played through a simple interface that allows players to choose from multiple query completion options based on lead-in questions (such as “Why do we” or “Where should I”) and select which are the most popular phrases to finish those queries. The answers are typically an interesting, funny and odd look into what the majority of people are searching for online.

Players accumulate points for each answer they get that is ranked the most popular and then proceed to the next round. Each session of game play is 10 rounds with two bonus rounds that allow users to sort queries from most popular to least popular.

The game was developed under the GlowPlay brand, a subsidiary of Glow Interactive that focuses on developing casual, mobile and social games for clients.


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