Removing the Dreaded “Copy” Text from Photoshop Layers…

One of the most annoying things in Photoshop that semi-organized users need to deal with, is the fact that “copy” is added to every duplicated layer, leaving you with a mess of “layer copy 1, layer copy 2, layer copy 3, etc. etc.” Luckily, there’s an app script for that.

Download the script here, and add it to your Adobe Extensions manager. Reopen Photoshop and voila! It will be under Window > Extensions. Fire it up, give it a few minutes and boom! No more annoying “copy 1,2,3…” and the resulting hair pulling.  It works for MAC and Windows.  No more of this…

Photoshop Remove "Copy" Text Script

Now, in retrospect, Photoshop has really made our lives so much easier,  so to bash Adobe’s poor decision making in adding “copy” to duplicated layers seems trivial. Just like the most current generation will never know what it was like to blow into a Nintendo Cartridge to get it to work, my generation will never know what it was like to design without the aid of the computer. Phototypesetting, paste-ups, rub-on lettering are these panels in Illustrator or something?

Anyway, thank you to Mike Hale for making all of our lives a bit easier, maybe you can make an extension to better Photoshop’s Pen tool? *Hint* *Hint*

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