Quake in Flash 9

About a year ago, our company decided to come up with a game that would utilize a highly stylized 3D city neighborhood as the main “menu” for the game. In a nutshell, just a couple of semitransparent 3D boxes. I figured, rather than looking into an existing Flash 3D engine, I can code it myself. There would be no problems with visibility ordering, backface culling, texturing, frustum clipping, etc. It turned out that it really wasn’t a big deal and in a couple of days I had a very simple and efficient engine running. We didn’t make the game eventually, but I had a really light-weight base of a 3D engine.

I decided to work on a little bit more, but as it turned out really soon, I needed some open format model files that would serve as demos. As a fan of the original Quake, and everything around it, and having a feeling that the original levels could run easily on present hardware minus Flash, I started working on a Quake BSP parser. See the result for yourself. Use mouse (with left button down) for mouselook, ASDW to move horizontally, RF to move up/down.  (It’s intentionally running fullscreen, just maximize your window.)

Quake in Flash 9

I would like to point out that it is Flash 9, i.e. no Alchemy involved!

Conclusion: the demo is running just fine to create a true 3D environment for a Flash game!

  • Mehrdad sanjabi

    So, does it mean if you take advantage of flash player 10′s 3D capabilities, then you’d have yet a faster engine?

  • http://makc3d.wordpress.com/ makc

    Man, this is getting ridiculous. Everyone writes their own implementation, instead of collaborating on some common one. We could be far beyond these demos by now.

    That’s not to say that your demo isn’t cool. I.e., you seem to have very smooth lightmaps – a thing I could never really fix in paperquake.

  • http://blog.glowinteractive.com Jan

    Mehrdad: The only reason it’s Flash 9 is that the development started over a year ago and was originally meant for a client – at that time we couldn’t use Flash 10 yet. I have a Flash 10 version now, but interestingly, it doesn’t make it much faster.