We made this game quite a bit ago (4-5 years ago) but thought it was worthy of re-posting. The game was created for the USA Network’s hit show Monk and gives you a peek into the wild world of Monk’s OCD.

Nearly two months ago, shortly after the release of the Droid and subsequent escalation in chatter with respect to the “Google Phone” I discussed my complete dissatisfaction with the state of the iPhone as it pertained to Apple/AT&T and the impending threat (very serious threat) posed by the Google Phone.

About a year ago, our company decided to come up with a game that would utilize a highly stylized 3D city neighborhood as the main “menu” for the game. In a nutshell, just a couple of semitransparent 3D boxes. I figured, rather than looking into an existing Flash 3D engine, I can code it myself.

USA Network’s: White Collar – Chasing the Shadow is our most recent game release. It is an experiential game packed with live action video, puzzles, ciphers and forgeries.

Go green by playing the eco-friendly version of this classic game. It is a 2D style game (not the 3D “tower” style) where your goal is to match identical tiles and clear them from the board.