#tweetcoding Revisited

Earlier this year Grant Skinner organized a coding competition called Tweetcoding. The task was particularly simple: to code something cool in ActionScript3 using at most 140 characters (whence the name, tweetcoding). As everyone else writing a blog did, let me re-post my submissions, too (another reason is that it seems that the original site with all submissions is down now). There is nothing really to talk about code-wise to dissect – it’s so short, just read it and enjoy the “coolness.”


My first entry was called Anemone.

The Code:


Tweet Coding Anemone


I was really happy about Wormhole, because it seemed to become an inspiration for piXelero’s winning entry Tunnel of Stripes.

The Code:


Tweet Coding - WormholeTwister

The next submission received a notable mention, Twister.

The Code:

g.clear();for(c=999;c--;mt(c,k=275))if(!i)o[c]=r();else ls(1,lt(c,k),l=o[c],g.drawCircle(k+l*c*s(i+c)/9+99*s(i*.1)*s(2-2*l),k-l*k,.5));i+=.1

Tweet Coding - Twister


Fourth is Grass.

The Code:


Tweet Coding - Grass


Last but not least. At the time of the competition, our whole office became obsessed with the “fur effect” that you can see in the blog header. It was a bit challenging to recreate the effect in 140 characters, but it worked out well and I also had a couple of characters left to give the result a form, Female Form (let it run for a while).

The Code:


Tweet Coding - Fur

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